Electric Vehicle Charging in Birkdale

Welcome to our comprehensive map of electric vehicle charging stations in Birkdale, Queensland. This interactive tool helps you locate the nearest charging points in and around the vibrant Birkdale Village Shopping Centre and the picturesque Wellington Point Recreation Reserve. Designed for efficiency, our map ensures your green vehicle remains powered up as you explore the scenic beauty of Birkdale and contribute to preserving its pristine environment.

Map Legend for Birkdale Charging Stations

  • Green = L1/L2 chargers for the general public (installed by business/government)
  • Orange = High power locations (eg: Tesla Superchargers) available to the general public
  • Grey = ev charging stations are currently full

Birkdale Charging Location FAQs

What is the cost of charging at each location?

The cost to charge your vehicle at each location can be found by clicking on the pin icon. Prices vary from a fixed fee to variable rates based on time depending on the charger and who owns each location.

What is the green score next to each location?

The green score is a rating given by other users of the charging station. Similar to a Google maps review score a higher score (10) indicates a more positive experience from users while a lower score (1) is the opposite. Check-in’s and general comments don’t impact the overall score.

Which locations are tesla compatible?

Clicking the pin for any location will reveal the types of plugs available. At some locations there are multiple charging plugs available. You may also wish to read the description as some users provide further information on charging plugs in that section.

More about Birkdale, Queensland

Just an hour’s drive from Birkdale, Queensland, the stunning Gold Coast offers a plethora of activities for all ages. From its world-renowned beaches to its lush hinterland, there’s something for everyone. For electric vehicle owners, the Gold Coast is an ideal destination as it has multiple EV charging stations, making it convenient to recharge while enjoying the attractions. You can explore the lively Surfers Paradise, relax on Burleigh Heads beach, visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, or trek through the Springbrook National Park.

Another popular driving destination from Birkdale is Brisbane, just 30 minutes away on the M1. As Queensland’s capital, Brisbane provides an exciting mix of modernity and historical charm. Electric vehicle drivers can easily find charging stations throughout the city. You can stroll along South Bank, visit the interactive exhibits at the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre, or take in panoramic views from the Mount Coot-tha Lookout. The city’s diverse culinary scene, vibrant arts culture, and beautiful parks also make Brisbane a must-visit destination. Source: Wikipedia / Google

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