Electric Vehicle Charging in Kallangur

Welcome to our comprehensive map of electric vehicle charging stations in Kallangur, Queensland. Our interactive tool showcases the most efficient charging sites, allowing you to plan your journeys with ease. Whether you’re visiting the historical Norths Leagues Club or enjoying a day out at the sprawling Centenary Lakes Park, our map ensures your electric vehicle needs are catered for. Explore Kallangur’s green innovation and move forward with sustainable transport today.

Map Legend for Kallangur Charging Stations

  • Green = L1/L2 chargers for the general public (installed by business/government)
  • Orange = High power locations (eg: Tesla Superchargers) available to the general public
  • Grey = ev charging stations are currently full

Kallangur EV Charging FAQs

What does it cost to charge my car?

The cost to charge your vehicle at each location can be found by clicking on the pin icon. Prices vary from a fixed fee to variable rates based on time depending on the charger and who owns each location.

What is the green score next to each location?

The green score is a rating given by other users of the charging station. Similar to a Google maps review score a higher score (10) indicates a more positive experience from users while a lower score (1) is the opposite. Check-in’s and general comments don’t impact the overall score.

Which locations are tesla compatible?

The ports section of each charging location will list the types of plugs that are available. Consult your owners manual to see if they’re compatible with your vehicle.

More about Kallangur, Queensland

A popular driving destination for electric vehicle owners is the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Located just over an hour’s drive from Kallangur, it is well within the range of most EVs. Sunshine Coast offers beautiful beaches, national parks, and charming hinterland villages. The trip becomes more convenient with several charging stations along the way, including stations in Caboolture, Beerwah, and several throughout the Sunshine Coast itself. This ensures your battery stays charged and you can enjoy your surroundings worry-free.

Another interesting destination is the vibrant city of Brisbane. Just a 30-minute drive from Kallangur, it’s an easy trip for any electric vehicle. Brisbane boasts a plethora of attractions, including the South Bank Parklands, the Gallery of Modern Art, and the stunning Brisbane Botanic Gardens. The city is also well-equipped for electric vehicles, with numerous charging points scattered throughout, making it easy to top up your battery while you explore. Both these trips offer beautiful views and enjoyable experiences, proving that owning an electric vehicle doesn’t limit your ability to explore. Source: Wikipedia / Google

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