Caulfield North EV Charging Stations

Welcome to our comprehensive map of electric vehicle charging stations in Caulfield North, Victoria. Our reliable platform showcases the extensive network of stations in and around the bustling Monash University Caulfield Campus and the iconic Caulfield Racecourse. Navigate your sustainable journey with ease, knowing that our interactive map provides real-time availability and precise locations of charging stations. Experience the convenience of electric vehicle charging in Caulfield North, a forward-thinking suburb committed to promoting sustainable transportation.

Caulfield North EV Charging Points: Map and Legend

  • Green charging stations are general public chargers that have been installed by business or government.
  • Orange charging stations are are high power public chargers that are generally CHAdeMO, CCS/SAE Combo or Tesla Superchargers
  • Grey charging stations are locations that are currently in use/full

Caulfield North Car Charging FAQs

What does it cost to charge my car?

The cost to charge your vehicle at each location can be found by clicking on the pin icon. Prices vary from a fixed fee to variable rates based on time depending on the charger and who owns each location.

What does the score given to each charging location mean?

The green score is a rating given by other users of the charging station. Similar to a Google maps review score a higher score (10) indicates a more positive experience from users while a lower score (1) is the opposite. Check-in’s and general comments don’t impact the overall score.

Which locations are tesla compatible?

The ports section of each charging location will list the types of plugs that are available. Consult your owners manual to see if they’re compatible with your vehicle.

More about Caulfield North, Victoria

Located just 2 hours from Caulfield North, the charming town of Daylesford makes for a perfect electric vehicle-friendly road trip. Known as the spa capital of Australia, Daylesford is home to mineral-rich springs and offers an array of indulgent wellness retreats. The town also boasts a thriving food and wine scene, with numerous farm-to-table restaurants and local wineries. Make sure to plan your charging stops, the most convenient one being at the charging station in Woodend.

For those who enjoy coastal drives, the bustling seaside town of Torquay is an ideal destination. A leisurely 1.5-hour drive from Caulfield North, Torquay marks the start of the iconic Great Ocean Road. This picturesque route offers breathtaking ocean views and passes through several charming beach towns. In Torquay itself, visitors can enjoy surfing at Bells Beach, exploring the Surf Coast Walk, or simply relaxing at one of the many cafés. The town has several charging points for electric vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Source: Wikipedia / Google

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