Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Grovedale

Welcome to our interactive map of electric vehicle charging stations in Grovedale, Victoria. This user-friendly tool provides real-time updates and comprehensive information on all available charging points. Whether you’re a local resident commuting to Geelong CBD, or you’re visiting the beautiful Waurn Ponds shopping precinct, rest assured that you’re never far from a charging station. Browse our map today and enjoy the convenience and environmental benefits of electric vehicles in Grovedale.

Grovedale EV Charging Points: Map and Legend

  • Green = L1/L2 chargers for the general public (installed by business/government)
  • Orange = High power locations (eg: Tesla Superchargers) available to the general public
  • Grey = ev charging stations are currently full

Grovedale Car Charging FAQs

What is the cost of charging at each location?

Pricing information can be found by clicking on any location in the map above. Please note that pricing information for Grovedale is submitted by other users, so we can’t guarantee it’s accuracy.

What does the score given to each charging location mean?

The green score is a rating given by other users of the charging station. Similar to a Google maps review score a higher score (10) indicates a more positive experience from users while a lower score (1) is the opposite. Check-in’s and general comments don’t impact the overall score.

How do I know if the charging location is compatible with my car?

Clicking the pin for any location will reveal the types of plugs available. At some locations there are multiple charging plugs available. You may also wish to read the description as some users provide further information on charging plugs in that section.

More about Grovedale, Victoria

Grovedale in Victoria, Australia, provides several interesting driving destinations for electric vehicle owners. A notable one is the Great Ocean Road, which is within an approximately one hour drive from Grovedale. This iconic route is famous for its stunning ocean views, charming coastal towns, and beautiful national parks. There are several electric vehicle charging stations along the route, making it a perfect destination for electric vehicle owners. It is also an excellent opportunity to visit the Twelve Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park.

Another popular destination is the city of Melbourne, located about an hour’s drive from Grovedale. Melbourne is known for its vibrant arts scene, excellent dining and shopping options, and numerous cultural attractions such as the Melbourne Museum and National Gallery of Victoria. The city is well-equipped for electric vehicles, with numerous charging points available throughout. A drive to Melbourne is not just about reaching the destination, but also enjoying the journey through Victoria’s picturesque landscapes. Remember to plan your trip to ensure you have sufficient charge for your electric vehicle. Source: Wikipedia / Google

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