Car Charging Stations Werribee

Welcome to our comprehensive map of electric vehicle charging stations in Werribee, Victoria. This interactive tool is designed to assist EV owners in finding the nearest charging points in the vicinity of Werribee, including key locations such as Werribee Open Range Zoo and Werribee Plaza. Our map provides real-time updates, ensuring you can plan your journey around Werribee with confidence and ease, supporting a sustainable future for this vibrant Victorian town.

Werribee EV Charging Points: Map and Legend

  • Green = L1/L2 chargers for the general public (installed by business/government)
  • Orange = High power locations (eg: Tesla Superchargers) available to the general public
  • Grey = ev charging stations are currently full

Werribee Charging Location FAQs

How do I find the cost of each location?

Pricing information can be found by clicking on any location in the map above. Please note that pricing information for Werribee is submitted by other users, so we can’t guarantee it’s accuracy.

What is the green number to the left of each Werribee charging location?

The green score is a rating given by other users of the charging station. Similar to a Google maps review score a higher score (10) indicates a more positive experience from users while a lower score (1) is the opposite. Check-in’s and general comments don’t impact the overall score.

Which plugs are available at each location?

The ports section of each charging location will list the types of plugs that are available. Consult your owners manual to see if they’re compatible with your vehicle.

More about Werribee, Victoria

Werribee, Victoria is conveniently located for exploring a range of popular driving destinations suitable for an electric vehicle. One remarkable destination is the Great Ocean Road, one of Australia’s most famous touring routes. It’s only two hours from Werribee and offers stunning views of Victoria’s southwest coastline. With plenty of charging stations along the way, electric vehicle owners can enjoy the breathtaking scenery and stop-offs like the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, or the Great Otway National Park without worrying about their car’s battery life.

Another popular destination from Werribee is the Mornington Peninsula. Just over an hour’s drive away, this region is renowned for its beautiful beaches, wineries, and charming seaside towns. With a well-established network of charging stations, electric vehicle users can easily explore the area’s attractions such as the Peninsula Hot Springs, Ashcombe Maze, or the Cape Schanck Lighthouse. The scenic drive around the Peninsula offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences, making it an ideal destination for a day trip or weekend getaway. Source: Wikipedia / Google

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